5 Reason why you should get a professional headshot

May 20, 2020

Simply put these are the 5 Reasons why you should get a professional headshot:

  1. You are a professional! Look the part!
  2. Stand out from the crowd!
  3. A professional image builds credibility
  4. More online engagement on your site or profile.
  5. You deserve it!

No, let us break this down for you.

1. You are a professional. Look the part!

Blurry, grainy images that are taken during your last vacation just do not scream professionalism. It’s pretty simple, if you like to be treated like a professional, look like one.

cayman corporate headshot

2. Stand out from the crowd!

LinkedIn is full of unprofessional headshots. If you are looking for a new career a professional images will make you stand out. Depending on the industry your work in, make sure that the images reflects your personality. Let it shine!

branding photography cayman

3. A professional images builds credibility

Use the same image across all platforms and people will recognise and remember you more. It’s build credibility and shows people that are communicating with you that you take your profession seriously. A professional portrait will give your website a professional look and enhance it.

corporate portrait law firm

4. More online engagement on your site or profile

Apparently, LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots get over 30 times more profile views. That’s a lot!
Not looking for a new job. Well, more and more business being conducted online, your face is part of your brand. A professional headshot will not only look flattering, but will also make your customer see you as more trustworthy and sincere. 

professional headshot cayman

5. You deserve it!

A professional headshot is an (small) investment into your business but also a treat for yourself.

Now that you know 5 Reasons why you should get a professional headshot, we would love to create yours. Get in touch and we can discuss your professional photo session.