Westin Grand Cayman Food Photography

May 26, 2021

Today I am sharing my latest Westin Grand Cayman Food Photography.

The Westin Grand Cayman Resort and Spa has been closed for overnight guests like many other properties in the Cayman Islands while the country battled with the Covid-19 pandemic. The resort kept it’s beach facilities open and many locals continued to enjoy the properties amenities and cuisine.  With our borders officially still closed, the hotel has decided to open its rooms again to guests starting out with Staycations for local residents. Before opening up thought the management has used the time to renovate some of the facilities and created a brand new restaurant – WOTO. 

WOTO – Sushi, Ceviche and Poke.

Having previously done some food photography for the hotel, they marketing manager Lucy approached me and ask if I could come along and photograph their delicious new dishes again. 

From classic dishes like Edamame over Sashimi to their mouth-watering Ceviche, I created beautiful images showing the gorgeous dishes in a simple setting. No fancy props required as the presentations put together by the Westin’s chefs speaks for themselves. 

Apart from enjoying the Grand Cayman Food Photography job, the best perk is when I get to try some of the culinary creations. I can attest that they don’t just look good. They also takes amazing.

Cayman Coffee Exchange

If you are coffee lover like me, I get excited about a new coffee shop in town. The Cayman Coffee Exchange is technically not new but the team at the Westin has revamped it and updated the space. It’s huge now with some great seating and a super cool and calm vibe. The pastry is just ridiculously delicious!

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